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It is 2 in the morning and I am just in pain over the amount of games I bought and have not played yet. I have spent 60 Dollars or so this month and I still need to finish

Mass effect (Platinum trophy run)
Mass effect 2 (Maybe Platinum run)
Mass effect 3 (Maybe Platinum run)
La noire (Need to…

You should play these games in an order based on which one has the best soundtrack, That way Pirate Warriors 1 and 2 would be first



Well, I see a bunch of great games for nintendo E3, I can now rest peacefully

(Specifically Pokken FIghters and Zelda)


Psh Alex, you should know that gamers are unpredictable and fickle. Playstation just lost 78 million and it was on top of the world for like 4 months. Anything can happen

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